Installation and invocation

A 30 day, fully functional trial version is available here for Mac OS X version 10.10 and above. Some versions of Touch-Base's UPDD touch screen driver will also pre-install the Flexi-deck software.

Trial versions of the software will only run on systems connected to the internet


Download the .zip file. Double click to extract the Flexi-deck application:

 This will create the Flexi-deck application as seen:

Drag the Flexi-deck application to a folder to suit your preferences. By convention, most applications are placed in either the Applications or Utilities folder.

Running Flexi-deck

Once invoked, Flexi-deck will run as a background process and show the Flexi-deck menu bar  , which can be disabled in the Flexi-deck preferences if required.

It is suggested that once Flexi-deck is running you should not move the application to a different location as this may cause some issues. For example, the FD help system cannot locate its help text so the help dialog will not show any content.

Software Registration

During the 30 day trial period you will be prompted each time Flexi-deck starts to either continue with the 30 day trial or order the full production version via our registration process: