Flexi-deck Creator is a unique productivity tool to automate repetitive user interface processes.

Flexi-deck interacts with desktop managers and their applications. It can be used in a wide variety of environments to satisfy the most demanding automation requirements with its ability to automate and annotate complex user interfaces and system procedures:

  • Control advanced graphical systems, such as Digital Audio Workstations
  • Aid touchscreen interaction in education and exhibitions
  • Enhance system training and system administration
  • Implement system and application testing

to name but a few!

The power of the Flexi-deck Creator are the simple-to-use Menu and Macro graphical editors to define process workflows and the playback mechanism that utilises advanced system control techniques, drawing on an in-depth understanding of system, desktop and application architecture.

Once created the macros can be invoked from multi-layered onscreen menus, command line interfaces, keyboard shortcuts and any Flexi-deck client application allowing for fully automated command and control of repetitive system processes.