One of the most powerful features of the Flexi-deck software is the onscreen menus for invoking macro execution.

Our innovative approach to the visual desktop interface offers a unique user experience when utilising the power of the Flexi-deck macros.

The onscreen menus are designed for purpose and can take multiple forms. They can be invoked in many ways and can be multilayered with other menus. You can utilise colours to represent functional groups and they can employ transparency to view the underlying desktop.  They can be positioned anywhere on the desktop and fade in and out as required, such that no video real-estate is taken away from the system or its applications.

The Menu Editor is a powerful tool to create and manage the menus.

Given the unique capabilities of the onscreen menus and the ease with which they can be created its worth taking some time to map out the relationship between the menus, the application functions and the macros so that you can implement an intuitive menu structure for the control of your application functions.

This section covers topics that relate to the creation and usage of the onscreen menus.