Software registration


To license the Flexi-deck Creator or Player or a licensed Premium project you need to enter the relevant license key into the software.

The software will automatically prompt you to enter a license key and/or offer you a link to the Flexi-deck web site to purchase the license key.

These prompts are shown when the 30 day creator trial period expires, or you try loading a project that requires a license, such as this example at the end of the 30 day trial:

You can choose to continue with the trial period (unless the 30 days are complete), you can enter 'free' player mode,  you can visit the Flexi-deck web site to purchase the relevant license key or, if you have a license key, you can register the software:

Option Description 
Start/Continue the 30 day demo Allows you to try the software over a 30 day period so long as you have an internet connection! Indicates the number of days you have left.
Online registration Your computer is on-line and connected to the internet. You will be requested to enter your license key and this will be verified at the license server
Offline registration This will output a 'URL' string that you will need to enter on a browser on another system that is on-line. This will return a registration key that you can enter into the software.
 Player Mode - no license required Enter the 'free' player mode that allows you to run Premium projects, some that may need their own project license key.

The Product Registration procedure is used to convert a 30 day non-registered trial version to an unlimited use production version.

Every time a non-registered version of Flexi-deck runs it contacts the license server to check if there is a license associated with your system and converts your license to production if there is and notifies thus:

If there is an order pending but payment has not been completed (such as an issue with the PayPal system or an ePayment is awaiting clearance) you will be notified thus:

If no license is available you can continue with your trial period or opt to license the product: