Macros are at the heart of the product and consist of a number of actions required to automate the process at hand.

We have implemented a number of action processes that collectively allow you to automate any system or application process in what we hope to be an intuitive user interface.

Macros may be associated with a system process or specific application or a sub function within an application and this will be reflected in the way you define the naming conventions and folder structure holding the Macros.

Flexi-deck is truly 'flexible' in the way it allows you to name, define and structure the Macros. Given that Macros can also be nested and reused from within other Macros it is also very important to identify and create 'common' processes that will implement specific functions that can be reused as required.

Your use and requirements will dictate the Macros you create and the way in which they are structured. Careful planning and design will avoid unruly macro structures and will allow you to manage any number of Macros that are easily identified when utilised from the various playback mechanisms.

Macros are constructed and maintained within the Macro Editor.