Playback control

The Pause function allows you to add a timed delay into the playback process.

You need to consider why you need a pause and the role it is playing as there may be other alternatives.  We have catered for pause requirements in a number of actions. For example, invoking an application action has its own, more specific 'delay', in that you can specify the action waits until the application has loaded.  The Keystroke action also has a number of specific pause options.  Where we have identified a need for a pause during the playback process we have catered for it in the related action.  Therefore, wherever possible, use any alternative wait method, such as 'Wait for UI Element' to be present, rather than a timed delay.

However, if you do use a time delayed pause bear in mind that on a fast system the pause for an event to complete may be insufficient if the macro is subsequently executed on a slower system.