Menu Bar item

‚ÄčIf the menu bar or system tray icon has been disabled in the Flexi-deck preferences and you wish to re-enable it, run Flexi-deck whilst it is currently running in the background.  This will invoke the Macro Editor and show the Flexi-deck file menu.  Invoke the Preferences dialog and re-enable the menu bar icon.

The menu bar / system tray icon indicates that the Flexi-deck daemon process is running and is also used to invoke the Flexi-deck functions as follows:

Flexi-deck can run in Creator mode, whereby the Editors are fully functional, or Player mode, such that the Macro Editor is disabled and the Menu Editor has limited functionality.

This is reflected in the functionality of the Flexi-deck menu options and functions


Invoke the Preferences dialog
Project handling
Select and display a menu
Invoke the Menu Editor  (limited functionality in Player Mode)Invoke the Macro Editor (missing when in Player Mode)
Invoke the Hotkey Editor
Invoke the in line help system
Load the online documentationLoad the online support pageView change history
Check for latest version
View about information
Quit and unload Flexi-deck 

About box

The about box will show the current version you are running.

For a licensed version of the software it will show the registration information related to your license, being email address, license key and order number.

For an unlicensed, demo version it will show the number of days left to trial the software:

Licensed version

 Demo version