Invoking Macros

There are various ways to invoke macros and a number of invocation methods are discussed throughout the documentation.

This document summaries the various ways to currently invoke a macro and discusses future plans.

On screen menus can be created using the Menu Editor. The buttons defined in the menus can be associated with up to four macros such that a click sequence on the button can invoke the desired macro.

Keyboard shortcuts can be associated with a macro in the Hotkey Editor.

Command Line Interface
Macros can be invoked via the Command Line Interface which allows them to be called from any utility or application that can invoke a command.

Applications and utilities
Any application or utility that can invoke a command can use the Command Line Interface to invoke a macro.
A specific Flexi-deck API will shortly be introduced to cater for programs to directly invoke a macro at a code level.

Midi interface
Planned for future release.  
This will allow the 'programmable' buttons on a midi device to be associated with a macro so they can be invoked whilst at the device.

Future interfaces
It is hoped that a future release will allow for macros to be invoked over IP from an external source on the internet.

Further, we are considering a bluetooth interface so that macros could be invoked from a Flexi-deck 'client' device, such as in a studio, classroom or during presentations.