Menu construction

This section shows you how to create an on-screen menu that can be used to invoke the Calculator macros.

Invoke the Menu Editor:

Select Edit, New Menu

Create a new menu, in this instance called Main. This will create a default full circle, 1 ring menu as shown:

Adjust the menu as follow:

Adjust the shape to Diameter 200, 4 buttons: Set the position of the menu to the last location.

Select the colour option to set a custom colour and transparency as required.
Set the menu to appear when the Calculator application gets focus

At this point the menu is created and ready to be configured,  by adding text into the buttons and associating them with the macros previously created.

Clicking in the 'Current button' field will show the 4 buttons and identify their layout:

Type in the text field for each button as follows:

 Now assign the appropriate macros to be invoked when the buttons are selected:

At this point the menu is ready to use.

Loading the Calculator on the screen will invoke the Flexi-deck menu and execute the macro from the selected button