UI Elements

Application dialogs are referred to as the Graphical User Interface (GUI) element of an application and are constructed of many User Interface elements, or as we refer to them in Flexi-deck, as UI elements. Flexi-deck has the ability to identify individual UI elements such that one very powerful aspect of the playback process is the ability to associate actions with an application's UI element, irrespective of where it is on the screen, either to interact directly with it or to use it for specifying a location on the screen.

UI element usage within Flexi-deck is key to creating really powerful system and application macros so its worth taking time to fully understand their use.

Whilst constructing a macro in the Macro Editor you can select a UI element that is to receive an action.

Additionally, you can make more advanced and complex specifications for UI elements by clicking the arrow button on the right on a UI element button and selecting "Advanced UI Element Settings...". This will open the UI Element Editor:

Further information relating to UI elements are available here: