Development History

The Flexi-deck software was designed and developed over a number years and during this time was used in Alpha and Beta form by a number of system testers and passed through many design and development cycles that accumulated in the first active production release being available in Feb 2020.

This table shows the chronological release schedule and highlights the major changes since that time.

 Date   Release  Change log
 2 June 2023  1.16.0 Can now drag and drop images on to the buttons that allow choosing icons or backgrounds
Rectangular menu buttons now have a setting for the vertical alignment of their labels
Holding Shift+Option and dragging on a rectangular menu now resizes it proportionally. Holding Shift+Option+Control resizes it freely.
Updated the available Logic Pro Key Commands to match Logic Pro 10.7.8
Fixed bug where clicks were not passing through transparent portions of menus
Fixed bug where opening the menu editor could cause a menu to revert back to its original size and position
Fixed bug where child menus could go out of alignment with their parent menus when the parent menu is being resized
Fixed bug where menus would display incorrectly when being moved between retina and non-retina displays
Fixed bug where menu button numbers would be elided
Fixed bug where "No icon" item in the icon browser would be misaligned
 5 April 2023  1.15.0 Now runs natively on Apple Silicon
Supports dark mode
Added two new built-in macros for Pro Tools, used to select the next empty insert or send slot of the currently selected track
Fixed a bug where message box icons wouldn't display at the correct resolution on retina monitors
Fixed a bug that could cause Flexi-deck to associate a UPDD device with the wrong monitor
Fixed crash that occurred when closing the documentation window while a text field is focused
 10 Feb 2023  1.14.0 Now supports using SVGs for icons and backgrounds images in menus and actions
Fixed memory leak when leaving the smart magnifier open for long periods of time
 18 Nov 2022  1.13.0 Added "Logic Pro Key Command" action
Added a setting for repeating nested macros a set number of times
Improved loading times of large projects
Improved saving so that it is slightly faster and less likely to cause file corruption in case a disk I/O error occurs
Fixed bug where a keystroke action could trigger a macro hot key, leading to broken macros or infinitely repeating macros
Fixed bug where some Pro Tools UI elements would not be found reliably
Fixed bug where menus might not appear over full screen applications
 12 July 2022  1.12.0 Added a setting to desktop icons that allows hiding their background image
Added a setting for menu buttons that open or toggle a menu allowing them to remain highlighted so long as that menu is open
Dropping a macro on to the menu preview in the Menu Editor will assign it to whichever type of click is currently selected in the righthand side of the editor
Added the "Run shortcut" action (macOS 12 Monterey and above)
Activate / quit / toggle application actions can now specify an app by bundle ID.
Fixed execute shell command for upddutils / now uses correct environment variables
Fixed a bug where some line edits wouldn't undo to the correct text
 26 April 2022  1.11.1 Fixed exporting projects with embedded images
Warning the user when exporting a menu, button, or macro by itself and it contains embedded images
Fixed bug where exporting a menu or button could silently fail rather than displaying a useful error message
 10 March 2022  1.11.0 Added a button action for closing all of the current project's menus
Added an option to Open / Close Menus action that allows closing all of a project's open menus, or all menus across all projects
Added a setting for turning off tapering of a menu's dividing lines as they approach the edge of the menu
Menus that are positioned relative to another menu will move when their target menu is moved
Magnifier is smoother and uses less CPU
Magnifier actions will coordinate with UPDD Commander if it's installed and make use of its Smart Magnifier feature
Improved rendering and fixed subtle errors in the positioning of background images in rectangular menus
Can now specify whether bundle ID or process name should be used when searching for a UI element, and both attributes can have multiple values
Exporting a project with embedded images will only include one copy of each embedded image, resulting in smaller file sizes When duplicating a menu, the default suggested name will now increment a number at the end of the menu's name if there is one
Fixed bug where sometimes a menu preview would be rendered too dark in the Menu Editor
Fixed crash that could occur when performing pinch / expand gestures over a menu window
Fixed crash when holding option and reordering hotkeys in the Hotkey Editor
Fixed crash that could occur when menus that are positioned relative to another menu form an infinitely recursive chain of relative menus
 23 Nov 2021  1.10.0 Added "Set Clipboard" action
Fixed toggling the Accessibility Keyboard in macOS 12
 22 Oct 2021  1.9.1 No longer causing a macro to fail when an open/close menu action tries to close menus in a project that is not open
Checking to make sure licence keys are for the correct product before registering them
Added menu items for licencing to the menu bar icon menu
Fixed bug where the app could open in Player mode after clicking the "Start Demo" button
Fixed "subdirectory not found" error message that could appear in the log
 22 Sept 2021  1.9.0 Can now specify multiple values for attributes in the UI Element Editor when using custom matching
When specifying multiple values for attributes, Flexi-deck can automatically find translations of the selected value
Renamed some UI element attribute names to something more simple and understandable
Message box actions now use native macOS dialogs and can have customised icons
Message box actions can now include a button for not showing the message box again
Removed message box action width setting as it is no longer necessary and does not work in macOS Big Sur
Project info windows can to be set to open when the project opens
Added a log window
Can now pick UPDD devices for a menu's display if the UPDD is installed
In macOS 10.15 or later, Flexi-deck will warn if it does not have Screen Recording permissions when using the magnifier actions
App and document icons now match the look of macOS Big Sur
Fixed some minor rendering issues
Fixed bug where changes to a menu's divider color couldn't be undone
Fixed bug where the horizontal scroll bar in the UI Element Editor attribute table would always be visible
Fixed bug where adding a UI element in the UI Element Editor would not deactivate the buttons for highlighting the current matching UI element
Fixed bug where some tables would automatically scroll at inappropriate times
Fixed bug where licencing dialog would disappear when invoking Mission Control
Fixed bug where offline registration would report that the license was valid but the app was not registered
Fixed tab order and tool tips in the application preferences window
Fixed bug where it was possible to create a hot key in Player mode but not edit or delete it
Fixed bug where a warning dialog could appear after selecting a menu item
Fixed bug where the Dock icon would unnecessarily hide when the app starts up when it is set to always be visible
Fixed bug where the Macro Editor window would disappear when switching the frontmost app while selecting a UI element in the UI Element Editor
Fixed crash that could occur when registering the app while the UPDD is installed
 21 July 2021  1.8.2 Fixed bug where menus positioned relative to another menu could appear on the wrong display after moving the target menu
Updated app icon to match Big Sur style
 19 July 2021  1.8.1 Fixed repositioning menus that are positioned relative to another menu
Instructional text when repositioning menu mentions that escape key will leave repositioning mode
Fixed bug where a menu assigned to a non-existent display would fail to open
Fixed bug where exporting a project would not warn if an image file was missing when using "embed custom icons and background" option
 25 June 2021  1.8.0 Replaced "Last position" option for menus and desktop icons with check box that's available when set to "Position on display"
Last remembered location for menus and desktop icons is now in normalized coordinates on a specific display, so that changing a display's resolution or arrangement won't cause the menu to appear in the wrong location
It's now possible to edit menu position, invocation, and behaviour settings and which hotkeys are enabled in premium projects
Added licenced Player mode for opening standard projects created on other systems
Free Player mode can no longer open standard projects created on other systems
In the desktop icon editor, changed "icon" label to "image" to improve clarity
Fixed bug where the user could be asked to upgrade premium projects
Fixed bug where menu appearance settings were not centered horizontally
Fixed bug where menus could remain open after closing their project
Fixed crash that could occur when open a dialog without an editor window open
 31 May 2021  1.7.0 Added "Toggle application" action
Built-in background images now includes the Flexi-deck logo in several colours
Changed "Open File" action to "Open File / Folder" and its file browser now allows selecting a folder
Can now press and hold on any menu button that closes the current menu to move the menu window
Menu windows now darken as an additional visual indicator that they are being moved
Menu bar icon's menu now shows Flexi-deck's mode of operation
The menu editor will open the first time the application is launched
Fixed bug where error message for quit application would display %1 instead of an application name
Fixed bug where menus that are shown due to an application launching or becoming active are in persistent mode
Fixed UI bug where the position fields and "Position" button in the menu position settings would not always be enabled when "Relative to another menu" is selected
Fixed the "Position" button in the desktop icon editor dialog
Fixed bug where desktop icons that are positioned relative to their menu were not repositioning themselves when their menu moves
Fixed bug where dialog boxes that appear after selecting a UI element would be blank
No longer warning about null UI elements when selecting menu items
 21 May 2021  1.6.1 Added new command line arguments for displaying a JSON formatted list of menus and macros in the currently open projects
Added "New Project" menu item to menu bar icon's  menu
A menu button's action can now be set to "Close current menu & open menu"
Menu buttons with a background image that fills the whole button but no pressed background image now has visual feedback indicating that it is pressed 
Added "Close all projects" menu item
Added "Close all menus" menu item
Added logging for licensing
No longer showing the unknown system warning for premium projects
After creating a new macro or folder in the macro library, its name is automatically in edit mode
Fixed command line argument for showing, hiding and toggling menus
Fixed bug where menus may remain able to be shown even after their project had closed
Fixed a memory leak when executing certain macros
Fixed bug where menu buttons with no action would not close a menu when it is set to close after clicking a button
Fixed a bug where Flexi-deck may not have focus after opening a project from its menu bar icon
Fixed rare crash that can occur when executing a macro
Numerous improvements and fixes to text across the UI
Many minor "under the hood" improvements
 15 April 2021  1.6.0 Desktop icons can now include an icon displayed over the Flexi-deck logo
Desktop icons can now execute a macro before showing their corresponding menu
"Send command to UI element" now includes a timeout option
Minor UI improvements
 17 Mar 2021  1.5.0 One "free" premium projects can be open at a time without a licence
Fixed a bug where desktop icons could appear at the wrong size and on the wrong display after booting up
Fixed bug where fixed width fonts would not be fixed width in macOS 10.15
Fixed a bug where Flexi-deck would report a premium project as not registered after entering its licence key
Fixed minor UI bugs in the licencing dialog
 4 Mar 2021  1.4.4 Fixed a bug where the macro library could keep scrolling to the left by a few pixels
Fixed a bug where errors that occur while exporting a project wouldn't prevent it from saving to disk
Fixed a bug where not all global macros would be embedded in a project while exporting it
Improved the wording of the warning dialog when exporting global macros without embedding them
 1 Mar 2021  1.4.3 Fixed a crash that would occur when selecting a degenerate UI element or running a macro that interacts with one
Fixed a bug where desktop icons could be moved to the wrong monitor when configuring them
Desktop icons can no longer be dragged off screen or underneath of the menu bar
 25 Feb 2021  1.4.2 Desktop icons can now be partially transparent
Desktop icon's position can now be set to "Last location" similar to menus
Menus that would appear more than 80% off screen will be moved full on screen before they open
Added additional rounded rectangle backgrounds for rectangular menu buttons
Hotkey Editor is available in Player Mode and allows disabling individual hotkeys
Macro Editor now warns when removing macros that are in use by a menu button
Fixed a bug where the editor windows could be moved underneath of the menu bar
Fixed a bug where Flexi-deck would fail to find UI elements for apps that have multiple running instances
Flexi-deck can now licence and open premium projects
Several "under the hood" improvements and fixes
 17 Feb 2021  1.4.1 Changed default desktop icon colour to grey
Improved automatic calculation of desktop icon label font size
Improved layout of desktop icon editor dialog
No longer allowing desktop icons to be positioned in the same place as its menu if the menu is set to appear under the mouse cursor
Reseting a desktop icon's offset when changing its position on a display
Fixed bug and crash where desktop icons wouldn't close with their project or when deleting a menu
Fixed error in desktop icon rendering
Fixed bug where a desktop icon would get stuck on screen after closing the editor dialog without making changes
Fixed bug where opacity slider may not be available in the color palette window
 16 Feb 2021  1.4.0 Added "desktop icons" to menus, an always-on-top icon that can be used for opening and closing its menu
Added three new buttons backgrounds, including a green rounded button that was missing in 1.3.0
Can import menus, buttons and macros by opening their icons in the Finder
Rectangular menus can now have full size icons with no label
Increased the timeout when searching for UI elements during macro execution (Fix for Schelps 73 EQ plugin)
Increased default length of pause action from 100 to 250 ms
Improved handling of exporting a project and dealing with name conflicts
Improved error and warning text during exports
Removed defunct "on screen keyboard" when running in macOS 11 or later
Fixed bug where small circular menus buttons might not display their text
Fixed bug where the colour picker would not close when the return or enter key is pressed
Fixed bug where Flexi-deck documents were not properly associated with the app
Fixed bug where some overlay text would render with the wrong font size
 29 Jan 2021  1.3.0 Using new licence server and revamped the licencing dialog that appears at startup
Font size of labels in menus now scale with the menu
Labels in circular menus now automatically fill the entire region occupied by the button
Removed 'widen' setting
Improved performance when rendering menus
Fixed a bug where exporting a project may not embed images if they were linked with a relative path
Added background images to rectangular menus
Fixed a bug where non-square icons would be rendered out of aspect ratio in rectangular menus
Fixed a bug where built-in Pro Tools would not work if any auxiliary windows were open, such as Transport
 30 Dec 2020  1.2.9 Fixed a bug introduced in 1.2.8 that would cause Flexi-deck to fail to find degenerate UI elements in situations where it worked previously
 23 Dec 2020  1.2.8 Fixed a crash that could happen when interacting with UI elements
Fixed a bug where the unsaved changes dialog may not stop the system from logging out, restarting, or shutting down when all the editor windows were closed
Fixed a bug where canceling the unsaved changes dialog while the system is logging out would not cancel logging out
Removed option to have Flexi-deck's Dock icon always be invisible as it caused too many issues in regards to ensuring documents would be saved while the system is logging out
 10 Dec 2020  1.2.7 The "Open / Close Menu" action can now interact with menus from other projects
Will now display a warning when opening a project created by a newer version of Flexi-deck
Fixed bug in the "Selected track" Pro Tools built-in macros where they would interact with the wrong track after reordering the tracks in Pro Tools
Nested macros can now override the "if action fails" setting on the actions they contain
Added new Pro Tools macros for clicking the VCA group selector and playlist selector of the selected track
Fixed existing Pro Tools macros that would not consistently work across different types of tracks or in the Mix window
Rectangular menus can now be resized using two finger pinch / expand trackpad gestures
Radial menus no longer blink as they are resized
Various under-the-hood bug fixes
 12 Nov 2020  1.2.6 Added additional built-in macros for clicking elements of the selected track in Pro Tools
 21 Oct 2020  1.2.5 Improved project save and load times
Hiding unneeded UI when the app is in player mode
 9 Oct 2020  1.2.4 Added a new action for triggering MIDI events
Added some info text to the Pro Tools built-in macros
 29 Sept 2020  1.2.3 Added feature where menus positioned relative to other menus can be resized proportionally to their target menus
Fixed bug where menus wouldn't open in player mode
Improved visual look and consistency of message boxes
Fixed some built-in macros
 28 Sept 2020  1.2.2 Added "Player-only" mode for unlicensed copies
Fixed a bug where the licensing window was inaccessible in demo mode when opening it via the menu bar
Minor under-the-hood bug fixes
 18 Sept 2020  1.2.1 Improved detection and discovery of pop-up menu UI elements in Pro Tools
Added built-in actions for clicking the various send and insert buttons of the selected track in Pro Tools
Upgrading projects now includes the option to make a backup of the project before upgrading
After upgrading a project, it is saved automatically
Converted many dialog boxes to sheets and made their appearance more consistent
Fixed exporting macros containing nested macros
No longer displaying "invalid UI element" for a UI element that hasn't been assigned yet
Click actions no longer fail with an "invalid UI element" error if the UI element is off screen
10 Sept 2020  1.2.0 Added options for text size to menus and menu buttons
Added an option for the color of the division lines between menu buttons
Added a feature where Flexi-deck will try to discover translations of UI element text so that macros continue to work with different languages
Added a feature for specifying menu positions as relative to another menu
Option key is now only used for moving menus. Menus can be resized by holding option and shift.
Changed text of the menu behaviour buttons to improve clarity
Changed app icon so that it appears more clearly on a dark background
Fixed crash in wait for UI element action
Fixed scrolling issues in the library browser of the Macro Editor
Showing warning when an invalid UI element is selected
Fixed detection of UI elements in Pro Tools
Flexi-deck can now find menu items in the pop-up menus in Pro Tools
 3 June 2020  1.1.2 Fixed a bug where custom menu icons weren't referenced using a relative path when in the same folder as the project
Added an option for embedding custom menu icons when exporting a project
Fixed a bug where the macro editor could open when updating the app
 27 May 2020  1.1.1 Fixed bug that could prevent projects from opening when its menu names contained a slash
Fixed crash that could occur at launch if a project contains a menu that invokes with an application, and that application is already running
Renaming a macro will update any associated hot keys
Increased the maximum rows and columns for a rectangular menu to 50
Improved the selection of default important attributes when using custom UI element matching so that a UI element is more likely to be successfully matched across different systems
Warning dialogs for projects from unknown sources now contain the name of the project
 1 Feb 2020  1.1.0 Initial production release 

  • Added "Set Clipboard" action
  • Fixed toggling the Accessibility Keyboard in macOS 12

  • Fixed exporting projects with embedded images
  • Warning the user when exporting a menu, button, or macro by itself and it contains embedded images
  • Fixed bug where exporting a menu or button could silently fail rather than displaying a useful error message
  • Fixed exporting projects with embedded images
  • Warning the user when exporting a menu, button, or macro by itself and it contains embedded images
  • Fixed bug where exporting a menu or button could silently fail rather than displaying a useful error message
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