Software updates

Software updated are performed automatically if you are connected to the internet and the 'Check for updates automatically' is enabled in Preferences. You can also 'Check for Updates' at any time from the File Menu.

If you have purchased a Creator/Player license from the Flexi-deck web site you can always download the latest software from your personal download page during your software warranty period.

The automatic update option will advise if a new version is available, as follows:

As part of the update procedure, existing project files are backed up, as it's possible that project files will be automatically converted as part of the update to be compatible with the new version.

If a project file is upgraded a backup file will be created, and it will named by adding a timestamp using this scheme: [name of your project]_YYYY-MM-DD.fdproj

If there is already a file with that name, it will try appending a _1, _2, etc. until the name is unique

If, for any reason, you need to return to a previous version of the Flexi-deck application you can always revert to previous versions from your personal download page or the development history page in the documentation.