Enter a license key

This option is used to enter a registration key or license key.

Registration key

A registration key is sent via email as part of the license order procedure once the payment has been received. This key can only be used on the system used to generate the order and is only required to be entered in this manner if the system is offline. If the system is online Flexi-deck checks the license server to see if there is a key available for this system and will automatically apply it if there is:

You will be notified if the registration key is accepted (it is the correct key for this system)

If the registration key was generated for a different system it will be rejected with the error "Registration key is not for this computer".

License key

license key can be used to license any system running a trial version of the software. The system must be online.

A license key could be supplied because the software is purchased outside the standard order process or by a 3rd party supplier of the Flexi-deck software with preallocated license keys.

If the license key is valid and the system is online you will be notified that the software has been licensed:

However, if the license server is not available:

Ensure you are online and try again.
If you are online, and the error lies with us, please use the contact form to notify us and we will investigate.