Crashes and lockups

Under MacOS if a program locks up the system shows a revolving beach ball when the app has focus or if a program crashes functionality will be lost and related visual references, such as menu bar icons or dialogs will just disappear.

In both cases it is possible to retrieve a crash or spin log that should be sent to us ( to help with our investigations into the issue along with any information needed to help reproduce the problem.


If a crash occurs, or is thought to have occurred, then the system may create a crash log in the user mode log folder path ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports as in this example:


When the beach ball is displayed when focusing on a menu bar icon or application dialog then the application has locked up.  Sometimes a lock up may force the application to eventually crash in which case a crash log as described above will be created.  In other cases the beach ball will remain until you manually Force Quit the program:

A locked up program will be listed in red text in the list of programs.

However, prior to forcing the program to quit you can take a 'spin log' that will help identify the position within the program that has caused the failure. To do this highlight the locked program in the Activity Monitor, it will be listed in red text as (Not Responding). In this instance you can run 'Sample Process' and 'Run Spindump' and send us the output/log from both requests.  The spin log will be found in the Library folder with the suffix .spin: