Track Plugins

The long awaited end of scrolling.

Recording Engineers, Mix Engineers, Mastering Engineers and Musicians all need access to the Logic Pro X plugins and 3rd party plugins.

Flexi-deck halves the access time to these plugins and user defined folders by utilising macros.

Once again, a simple click and your choice of plugin will load or open your selection and keep your session in motion.

This is the long awaited end of scrolling.


Track Plugins Sub Menus

 Track Plugins 1 - Plugin Folders     Track Plugins 2 - Direct Load    Track Plugins 3 - Direct Load & User Folder


Track Plugins Extras


Adding a Bus Track to the Arrange Window

1.Control + click in the fader area to reveal the drop down menu.

2. Select 'Create Track'.


Plugins Manager

Create a Flexi-deck folder here and populate it with your favourite plugins for easy access via the 'Plugins 3' menu button.