Menu usage


Most projects will contain at least one or more menus and these will at some point be shown on the screen depending on how they are set to be invoked as defined within the Menu Editor.

The initial placement of the menu is also defined within the Menu Editor but once on screen the menus can be moved and resized in realtime.

Menus by default fade in and out with the fade speed based on a hidden preference setting that has a default value of 100ms, so menus almost appear and disappear instantly. This internal setting can be changed with the terminal command:

defaults write com.touch-base.flexi-deck menuFadeMS -int nnnn where nnnn is the number of milliseconds for the fade.‚Äč

When a menu is on view you can use command + shift + click on the menu to load the menu in the Menu Editor, or command + click on a button to load the associated macro in the Macro Editor (as long as the button has an associated macro!).

Move menu

Menu buttons can be configured to trigger actions/macros on clicks and double clicks.

To allow the manual repositioning of a menu we have implemented a number of methods that do not interfere with the button triggers.

To move any menu you can click and drag on the menu whilst holding the 'option' key.

For circular menus you can press on the centre X until it turns to a four way arrow

For rectangular menus you can click and drag on any menu button that has been set to Close the menu (Close Current, Close All). The menu changes colour when it can be moved.

When using a touch screen with UPDD Commander and a multi-touch touch screen you can, by default, use two finger drag motion to move the menu. Any drag gesture can be configued to move the menu as long as the action is set to click and drag with the keyboard modifier 'option' enabled.

Resize menu

To resize any menu you can click and drag at the edge of the menu whilst holding the 'option + shift' key.

When using a trackpad or multi-touch touch screen with UPDD Commander you can use 2 finger pinch and zoom to resize the menu.

Touch screen control

When using a touch screen with UPDD Commander there is a preset for Flexi-deck menus that defines the defualt set of gesture and action settings for the FD menus: