Project UUID manual modification

Projects with the same UUID can cause issues (created by copying an existing project)


To update the UUID to make it unique, open up the fdproj file in a text editor (and it might need to be one that handles large files well if the project is several megabytes in size!) then at the top you'll see a line that looks like:


Each one of those x's should be a hex digit, i.e. 0-9 or A-F. You can use this to check if two projects have the same UUID.

You can change its value if you like, though you'd want to use a UUID generator to make sure it's properly unique. This one seems like it would work:

After you change it, the first time you reopen the project in FD you'll get a warning that reads "Flexi-deck is unable to determine the source of this project..." because the file's checksum will no longer be correct. All you have to do is re-save the project and FD will automatically fix that.