Terms used within the Flexi-deck software are as follows:

Creator allows you to create onscreen menus with the Menu Editor and define actions using the Macro Editor that are used to control the automation process.

Player is background process that loads the menus and runs the macros when triggered to do so.

An Action is a single step performed as part of the task automation procedure.

Macro is a set of Actions used to perform all or part of a task.

Menu refers to an onscreen menu that is constructed of a number of Buttons that can be associated with various functions, such as invoke a Macro or perform specific menu functions.

The Macro Editor is used to define the Macros from a predefined set of Actions.

The Menu Editor is used to construct the onscreen menus and define the function of each button.

The Hotkey Editor is used to defined keystroke shortcuts to invoke macros.

A collection of Macros and / or menus are held in a Project file.

A collection of macros and menus created to control a specific application is known as a Library file

Standard Project is an open project that can be modified within the Creator

Premium Library is a protected library, that cannot be modified, and in some cases requires a library license key before it can be used.