UPDD Touch screen support

The UPDD touch screen driver offers single and multi-touch support in macOS and converts the touch screens into a sophisticated on-screen trackpad with full gesture support.

Utilising touchscreens to interface with macOS desktop and application offers an intuitive system interface, especially in environments where mouse and trackpads are not the most convenient devices to use.

When using touch screens, it's important to bear this in mind when designing Flexi-deck menus to ensure they suit being used via the touch interface.

The UPDD Commander application, supplied as part of the driver software, contains Flexi-deck related settings such that the menus can be moved and resized via touch and also invoke actions to show/hide menus or run specific macros:

Menu control gestures


Invoke menu and macro actions

In this example, a three finger tap on the screen is being set up to run a Flexi-deck action, such as invoke a FD menu or directly call a macro:

In addition to the above, you can also add in an application to the Application list and tailor the gestures performed on to of the application to invoke application specific functions