Plugin Launchers

Digital audio workstations (DAW) and audio editing software use audio plug-ins to generate, process or analyze sound.

Most DAW system are supplied with a default selection of plugins with the availability of 1000's of additional plugins from 3rd party developers.

This means that it's possible to have 100's if not 1000's of plugins in use on your system with the need to manage and launch plugins as needed.

The use of plugins is key to the recording process and are in constant use, and locating and launching plugins can be a frustrating process during track mixing and  manipulation and a distraction from the task in hand.

Using Flexi-deck macros to locate and launch plugins can seriously help improve your workflow in this area.

To aid this process, we have created a set of plugin launcher libraries to load native and 3rd party plugin sets.

Loading and running one of these libraries at a time, does not require a library licence key and are free to use. However, to load two or more does require a licence key for the 2nd and sequence loaded library. These available for purchase from the Flexi-deck store at a very modest one off cost.

Most plugin launchers are available with two menu sets; layered menus that would normally be shown on top of the DAW UI and disappear once the plugin is loaded, or a menu set that runs on a dedicated monitor, preferable a touch screen monitor!

These are available for the following plugin sets and will be enhanced over time with other sets:

Plugin Set Text  Touch  Logic  ProTools 
 Native Apple    
 United Plugins        
 Waves ?