Logic Pro Global Commands

One of the most powerful Flexi-deck actions related to Logic Pro control is the Logic Pro Key Command action that allows direct access to all the thousands of Logic’s Global command related functions to be invoked. These commands are normally invoked via key commands.

 A Flexi-deck macro allows for any number of these commands to be called from within one macro, offering a very powerful control mechanism for Logic workflow.

The global commands are listed within appropriate categories in the Logic Pro Key Command macro action for ease of selection:


A macro can invoke any number of key commands, as seen in this Audio Editing example, to Remove Silence from a recording and then Normalize the level of the selected Region:

OSC Interface

Utilising the Logic Pro Key Commands Action requires the installation of a Logic plug-in called MIDI Device Script. The first time this action is invoked within a macro, it will pause the macro and display a prompt to install the plug-in:


This requires entering an administrator password. Once the plug-in is installed, it's necessary to restart Logic Pro to connect to the Touch-Base OSC Interface.

The connect dialog will open automatically when Logic Pro and FD are running at the same time:


This action is only compatible with Logic Pro 10.6 or later, so any macros within the library that use this interface will only work with 10.6 and above.

Once successfully loaded, the plug-in will show in the list of Control Surfaces: