Flexi-deck has been tested against some of the most complex, graphically layered applications to try and ensure actions types exist to automate control and playback of the GUI elements.

Should you discover an application that has elements that cannot be automated or where you need advice please use the on-line feed back form to submit your query, supplying as much information as possible that will allow us to understand your issue or be able to replicate the problem, especially in cases whereby the application is freely available for download to allow us to reproduce in our testing environment. Screen recordings are easy to make, with native applications or 3rd party applications, and often these are the most useful given that a 'picture or in this case a video' paints a 1000 words! 

We want to make Flexi-deck the best automation software available so thank you in advance for your contribution to the cause.

Posted 8 Years Ago, Updated 7 Years Ago