Project framework

This section shows the initial steps involved in identifying the task at hand and then creating the project framework that will contain the macro and menu definitions.

Identify the task to be automated

Step 1 -In this very simple example we are determining how to switch modes in the calculator:

There are in fact two ways to switch modes, either by selecting the menu bar items or via the defined keystrokes. Flexi-deck can handle either method, but the simplest way is via keystrokes, command 1, 2 and 3.

Invoke the Flexi-deck software.

Locate and run the Flexi-deck application on your system to load the software.

When the software is running you will normally see the Flexi-deck icon on the system's menu bar icon  unless it has been disabled in the Preferences dialog.

From the menu bar item you can invoke the editors used to define the Macros and construct the onscreen Menu.

Create the project framework

Step 2 - Invoke one of the Flexi-deck Editors from the menu bar icon.

In this instance, we have invoked the Macro Editor as we are going to define the macros before we create the menu.

Step 3 - Using the Flexi-deck file menu, create a Project file, Calculator to hold the macro and menu.

In this instance we have created a dedicated Projects folder:

Step 4 - We are now ready to define the Macros